Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY decor with vinyl wall art | giveaway | little free radical

We have another great giveaway for you today from Vinyl Wall Art!
I've shared several times here recently about using vinyl decals with DIY projects including bookshelves & prant boxes.  I totally ♥ decals!  They are SO easy to use and far less time consuming then having to paint wall murals or detail work on smaller DIY projects! You can have a great piece of art in just minutes!

Remember our IKEA PRĂ„NT box hack? I used these awesome birch tree decals that Vinyl Wall Art was nice enough to custom-resize & inverse for me:

I love their decals - I first found them when I was pregnant and drooling over thousands of decal listings on Etsy. I wanted a tree for Sophie. I looked at dozens, but kept going back to Vinyl Wall Art's tree... And of course when I went to order their tree, I saw the birds! So I ordered the tree & the birds for Sophie's wall.

My husband painted her nursery on Mothers Day 2010 for me, and then after 2 weeks (recommended time for paint to dry before applying decals) he put them up for me:


Sophie loves her room, and one of her first words was "owl" (pronounced "all) - she'd stand in the crib looking up at her owl in the morning. She likes her birds along her crib rail too. :)

I loved Vinyl Wall Art's Forest Decal Kit but didn't have a good wall in her room to use them, so I figured when we buy a house, I'd put them in her new room! 

Then one day, my college roommate, who is adopting a baby from Korea,  posted photos of her daughters room which have the tree decals I love, so I asked her if I can post some pictures of Zoey's room!

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Vinyl Wall Art has a ton of other awesome decals on their website as well as available through etsy. And they were kind enough to offer to sponsor a giveaway for our readers for $25 gift certificates for 2 lucky winners so you can try their projects for your own home or DIY projects!

Wall Vinyl Art will provide a "voucher" that is as good as a PayPal credit - you can use it to pay for the item as well as shipping cost - what ever you want. It will maintain a positive balance until used, so you don't have to use it all at once if you want to buy a few small decals at a time!

Enter via Rafflecopter.
Giveaway is available worldwide!


  a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. we need some more decor in our living room, so I'd put it in there.

    zueblue22 at yahoo dot com

  2. I'd probably use them in my sons room which is pretty drab right now :)

  3. I have several ideas of using different flowers, vines, etc., probably in my din ing room or living room.

  4. The trees would be cute for my kids' rooms.

  5. what is the green you used for your nursery?

  6. I would use it in one of my girls' rooms!

  7. I'd love to win the decal prize for my sons bedroom. :)

  8. I would use it in my son's room. He was born in December and we still haven't really decorated his room since he has been sleeping in ours anyway! I can't wait to get his finished though!!

    Deborah Hassig

  9. While I'd love to use something cool in the living room, I'll wait for a house for that. I would LOVE to get a tree or some blooming branches and birds for the nursery!

  10. aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome!!! i wuld do our play room and kids room! and laundry room and master BR and my whole house. :)

  11. we are working on a nursery for our son (he is still in our room) so I'd love to win

  12. I'd love to win this prize and I'd use it for my son's nursery, which is pretty plain at the moment.

  13. I would give this prize for my mother. She would use it probably for dining room or bedroom.

  14. I would use these in one of my sons' rooms

  15. I'm not sure- probably in my bedroom- I'm desperate for the tree decals!

  16. I'd use the decals to decorate my kitchen. :)

  17. I need some decal to decorate my bedroom )

  18. WoOld for sure use in my sons room. Thanks for the chance. Kelly woods.

  19. I'd probably give it to my brother to put in my nieces nursery
    rg86 at nau dot edu

  20. Would love to use it in my living room.


  21. I'd probably get some art for the bedroom-- our walls are so bare in there! :-( Thanks for the giveaway!
    maria.the.uncommon at gmail dot com

  22. I'd love a decal in my bedroom near my desk, I feel one would really accent my bedroom perfectly.

    Email Contact-

  23. I would let my daughter pick something out for her room :)

  24. I would love to have decals for our playroom. This is great! I love your DIY projects. They are such an inspiration!

  25. I'd get the pink elephant decal for my nieces bedroom!

  26. I'd put the Elegant Chalkboard Decal in the kitchen
    niuniuzheng at gmail dot com

  27. if I win the decals will go in the nursery!

  28. I'd looove to decorate my room with the forest decal kit

  29. have blank beige walls that need some PIZAZZ! Have been wanting some of these things...

  30. I'd use it for my bedroom, because we're in an apartment and can't paint the walls. It looks so boring!

  31. The mushrooms ( are adorable!! I'd put them in my library.

  32. i'd give it to my sister in law as she is pregnant right now :)

  33. I would love to use the decal in my living room. I am currently off long term sick and i would love to jazz up the room I'm spending the most time in.

  34. If I won, I would definitely decorate my daughters' rooms as they absolutely ADORE wall decals!

    :) domumvindemia at hotmail dot com

  35. If I won I would decorate my daughter's room with something elegant like the swirls or butterfly.

  36. I would love to use a chalkboard in my sewing studio to help me stay organized.
    dluckyz at excite dot com

  37. I would use them to surprise my little sister, her birthday is coming soon and she would love something to put on her room's walls

  38. I would use them for the girls' new room!

  39. I actually have a few bird decals "perched" on top of the door frames in my bedroom. I would love to do something on the walls next to our two year old's bed. She gets all excited about her room decor!

  40. I'm moving from Ohio to Maryland for my first "big girl" job out of college and need some sweet art work for my walls- gorgeous decals would be great!!

  41. I'm planning to change over our nursery to a big boy room this summer and would love to incorporate some cool decals.

  42. I'd use them to decorate my room!

  43. I could use these i. My kids playroom

  44. I would use them for my daughter's room :)

    also... you have an error in your first sentence... Bookshelves and (Prant) Boxes

  45. I would use these in my room for sure! :)

  46. I would use them in my boys room.

  47. I really like the look of your boxes with the decals on them so I think I will steal the idea and use the Leafy Border Decal on them. ambrerose [at]aol[dot]com

  48. of course my nursery room..
    my boy will like it
    rinei.martiani at gmail dot com

  49. I'd use them in our play room we are working on!!

  50. I´d use them on my kitchen :)

  51. i would use it in the living room

  52. If I won, I would get the Vinyl Wall Art Fairy Princess Decal for my daughter's new room!

  53. I would use it for my room :D

  54. I know exactly how I would use these decals. I am getting ready to foster a child and would use them to decorate their room up a bit more.

    jennifer.n.tanner at

  55. In my small half bath. It's so plain right now!

  56. for my daughter's nursery

    karinaroselee at gmail dot com

  57. I would use it in the playroom

  58. I would use these to decorate my daughters nursery!
    victoria s
    vschilke at gmail dot com

  59. I would use it to decorate my daughters room!

  60. For the little munchkin's nursery!

  61. I would use these in new sofia's room.

  62. rebecca oloughlinApril 4, 2012 at 2:20 PM

    I would use to decorate my boys' room!

  63. I'd love to use it in my daughter's play room, to make beautiful decorative bins.

  64. I'd use it to decorate my baby sister's new room!

  65. I'd do something for the laundry room. I'm always in there!

  66. Kristy- MsKristy19@aol.comApril 4, 2012 at 7:03 PM

    I'd spruce up my daughters room. We chose not to find out the gender before birth and so her room is very, very gender neutral! She's 18 months now and I have slowly started trying to add some 'girly' touches in.

  67. I'd be using it in my DD's new big girl room!

  68. I would use this for my room definitely! I have always wanted to decorate my room with vinyl, but never have.

  69. We just moved to a new house and we definitely need some wall art...I'd use it in our playroom!

  70. This would be for my daughter's playroom. I am designing a garden theme.

  71. I would use it to complement my living room since we have a nature theme going on there

  72. I want either trees or flowers for our baths
    alliana88m AT yahoo DOT com

  73. Would love it for my daughter's room which is so plain and boring!

  74. We have just had a second little girl and are in the process of revamping their room and making it cute and girlySo I would for sure, use the decal in their new room. each little girl was a l-o-n-g time in the making so they are extra special! Thank you for a great giveaway kath dot grahn at gmail dot com

  75. i'd put them in the room my sister and I share. she'll love the owl on the branch one
    diarygirl at live dot comm

  76. Definitely would use this for our new nursery! The owl would be perfect for our animal theme.

  77. I'd use them in the laundry room

    scarter305 at aol dot com

  78. Wow this is really very nice pics you share. Thanks for sharing such nice post.
    Vinyl wall Art Decal

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