Tuesday, March 6, 2012

turning PRÄNT into designer boxes | d.i.y. IKEA hack | little free radical

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When I saw the PRÄNT box on IKEAs website for the first time, I was totally psyched! So, when I went to my local store to get a couple, I found out that everyone else was also psyched about them especially since they were only $12.99.... and there was only one left for me. :(

So, after a couple weeks of patiently waiting, they got more in stock, and I finally got my pair of boxes. BUT, the good news is that in the meantime, it gave me plenty of time to contemplate what i wanted to do with them! Unfinished wood boxes are totally like being handed a blank canvas - you can do whatever you want!

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  1. LOVE those foxy guys!!
    Very cute!!
    Great work Boston Gal <3

  2. I've been timidly trying to put together my own Prant boxes, afraid of damaging the wood by forcing the metal. Thanks for the WD-40 tip! The instructions show use of a hammer but, again, I've been afraid to use one and I can't find my rubber mallet. I'll try it now, though! Yours is the first helpful info I've found outside the instructions on putting assembling these puppies! Thank you!

    1. I actually just assembled more last night. they were much easier to assemble unpainted! I could push the metal down most of the way, and would tap them down the last little bit! they have a small scrap wood square in the box which is great to push them down with (so you don't hurt your hand) and if you hammer, set the wood square on top and hit the wood - metal is less likely to bend!


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