about me

Little Free Radical
Little Free Radical was inspired by my daughter. When pregnant, I found myself in baby stores trying to register, surrounded by products I had no interest in owning. I hated the design choices and as an environmental science major, questioned the materials they were made from. After finding the same few choices everywhere, I finally resolved to make my own... which ultimately lead to the opening of Little Free Radical after my friends saw some of the things I made for Sophie - my "Little Free Radical."

As an environmental science and health major I believe in buying local. I try to buy as many of my supplies from local businesses, and USA-made whenever possible, Most of my fabric I purchase from other Etsy sellers. I am also working to try and provide as many 100% organic options possible.

Crystal: Owner, Designer
I'm a stay-at-home, babywearing, cloth diapering, mama to Sophie Amaya (born July 2010), living an active life from a wheelchair due to childhood-onset mitochondrial myopathy (metabolic disease of the muscle) and spinal cord injury. I'm also an environmental science and health / genetics & molecular biology major, and when I'm not in school, the hospital, or busy creating something, I'm likely to be found adaptive windsurfing or canoeing on The Charles, playing wheelchair tennis, taking pictures or digital scrapbooking.

Sophie: Design Assistant
Sophie is the mini human Little Free Radical was named after. She helps choose the fabrics you see in my store, and makes it clear which fabrics and colors she has no interest in and of course she tests out products to make sure other mini-humans will like them too! Her favorite part? She gets to be the tutu model! When she's not busy at work helping mommy create new things (or stealing her supplies to investigate while she's creating things) she's off exploring the house, on an adventure in Boston,  at playgroup at Isis Parenting or riding around in her mama's Beco Butterfly or Sakura Bloom ring sling! . Her other interests include flowers, balloons, finding owls on anything, "oohing" at evcerything in the craft store, and trying new foods.
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