Thursday, February 23, 2012

blue & green holiday decor | d.i.y. | little free radical

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In keeping up with the delayed holiday postings (like my daughter's Halloween costume I posted the week of Christmas) I thought it was about time to post photos of my holiday decor before St. Patricks Day. - But give me credit, I did finally take down the decorations the day before Valentines Day (seeing as I spent most of January in the hospital)! ;)

Instead of going with a traditional red & green decor, I thought blue and green would be fun, so I went out in search of holiday decor in these colors! My daughter is a year and a half, so I decided to skip a "real" tree this season since I know her well enough to know a tree in your house would be the best thing EVER to climb!!!

So I found a few alternatives to a traditional tree at HomeGoods:

Glittery branches - $5 (Homegoods)
Metal trees - $7-12/ea (Homegoods)
and a mix of ornaments from Target, Marshalls & the Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot

I had a vase which held the branches, and I hung some small ornaments on them to add some color!

The trees were great kid-friendly decor! the smallest one had bells, so my daughter loves to carry it around. :)

I also had a few empty glass jars from the candy buffet at Sophie's birthday party so I used them to fill with extra ornaments to add some color to the room! With the smaller one, I also added battery-operated LED lights between the bulbs to make it glow. I had another jar full of blue & silver ornaments seen in my last minute d.i.y. gifts from kids post!

Since we didn't have a tree to put lights on, I decorated the livingroom window instead:
Window from the Inside
My husband hung up the string of lights, then I cut jewelry wire to hang the ornaments with! most of them were tied right to the lights, but I added some depth by hanging some further out - attaching them to the window frame with 3M strips!
Window from the Outside

So, that's how we decorated for the holidays at our house! :)

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