Tuesday, October 25, 2011

announcing the winners of our B. toys shareaway | giveaway | little free radical

Our B. toys shareaway ended Sunday night, so it's time to announce the WINNERS:

My mini-assistant was the one "sharing" her duplicate toys so I figured instead of letting random.org pick, why not let her pick who she was sharing with?!? So I printed all the comment entries on my blog, and realized that B. toys Fish & Splish was the perfect "container" for drawing names from:

Winners of the Hellophone:
Neelam Shroff

Neelam's Charity Choice: Make-a-Wish Foundation
"I would like to nominate Make a Wish Foundation. Both my children have mitochondrial disorder (mitochondria is the organelle that produces energy in our body and in mitochondrial disorder the body doesnot produce enough energy to sustain life functons, and it is usually progressive and fatal in nature). Though my kids are on the milder spectrum, I have many friends who have kids who are very sick and these innocent ones are fighting continuously for their life. Make a Wish Foundation has been great to bring a smile and cheer back in their lives. They have granted wishes as wide ranging as that of Disney trips, cruises, meeting a celebrity hero, doing a therapy room etc and they are deserving of this giveaway."

Winners of the FunKeys:
Kristin G.
Kristin's Charity Choice: March of Dimes
"My favorite children's charity is March of Dimes. I always get the mailers and take time to read the kids stories. We give what we can(plus the little mailing address labels they send are super cute ;) I feel like I am really blessed to have a healthy baby and the best way I can be thankful for that is to help out other families who have sick babies. Great giveaway!"

So Kristin & Neelam - I'll get your toys shipped to you this week!

Neelam - let me know if you have a chapter preference for Make-A-Wish Foundation so I can relay the info to B. toys! Would you like to share them with  India's Make-A-Wish chapter or one of the US chapters?

Kristin - would you like B. toys to send the phone to the Louisana Chapter for March of Dimes?

Enjoy the toys!!! :)

Watch our blog for more giveaways & shareaways!
We have a Diwali one starting tomorrow, and another B. toys share-away next month!


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  1. I already contacted you on FB, but that is correct! Thank you so much!


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